There is a book that is always open for all eyes: nature.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Grand Tour


The Nature

The known and perceptible beauty of Sorrento Peninsula is in the eyes and memory of many people; however it’s the hidden beauty, that one invisible to most people the true essence of a land with ancestral roots, linked to myth and legend. 

A beauty that is also richness in power, since it reveals to be today more than ever the founding element of a new rebirth, both because close to a 2020 to be remembered as annus horribilis (horrible year), but also because time has come to consider culture, autochtonous or of a different dialogue, and art as the true driving force of a farsighted and fasting economic recovery.

Thinking back to the memorable season of the Grand Tour, which started in the eighteenth century, this digital tour into Beauty invites us to a rediscovered quiet, far from “fast” tourism and able to outline new paths, new itineraries and perspectives, a journey that is existential, excellent among the excellences of a never forgotten Campania Felix (Happy Campania).

An easy question: “ will the journey made by the photographer – artist, modern Ulysses be able to take us out of the darkness of Covid- 19 ?”. A question that comes alive with many implications and that answers to metaphor with reality, the tangible one of the senses, of the eyes, of the flavors and tastes that Sorrento, since ever generous land still wishes to offer, as an intrinsic abundance on which to build a new future.

Therefore this digitization process with a portal dedicated to the Grand Tour becomes an adventure, a journey of rediscovery, a sort of futuristic archeology where nostalgia has been replaced by the fascination of what can still be.

Adaptation of a text made by Azzurra Immediato, art historian and curator.
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