“premio penisola sorrentina” DIRECTOR

Mario Esposito

was born in Naples in 1979. He graduated with honours in classical literature. Journalist since 2004 and cultural promoter, he has been operating for over 20 years in the field of cultural promotion at national level and institutional communication, collaborating with the European Parliament, the Interior Ministry, the Basilicata Region, the Province of Salerno, the Province of Avellino, the Municipality of San Fele (PZ), the Municipality of Piano di Sorrento. Experiences of literary training matured alongside poets and contemporary intellectuals such as Giovanni Raboni, Maria Luisa Spaziani, Michele Sovente, Marco Forti (former director together with the poet Vittorio Sereni of the series “Lo Specchio”,(the Mirror) , Mondadori), Giuliano Manacorda, Antonio Piromalli, Emerico Giachery (Secretary of the Arcadian Academy), Edoardo Sanguineti and Elio Pagliarani (Gruppo 63). He dealt with communication and general organization in the context of projects linked to major international events such as Genova 2004 Capitale Europea della Cultura (Genova as European Capital of Culture 2004) and EXPO 2015. He has created for the Presidency of the Province of Potenza the “Green Culture Award”organized in synergy with the Manifesto della Cultura del Sole 24 Ore. For his work in advertising and cultural promotion he was awarded in 2005 with the prestigious Tigullio Prize, given in the same year also to Giulio Andreotti and Alberto Angela. In 2015 he received the Vincenzo Russo Award from the Municipality of Palma Campania for his fruitful civil, ethical commitment. Among his publications stand out : “Il clima del Mediterraneo”(the Mediterranean climate), (Albatros, in cooperation with the Mediaset meteorologist Mario Giuliacci); “Ritratti” (Portraits) (Il Denaro Libri, Preface by the Head of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities Francesco Sicilia) and “La formazione come enzima del cambiamento – La Scuola Superiore della Polizia di Stato” (The formation as a change enzyme. The High School of the State Police), (Il Denaro Libri, Preface by the Italian Chief Police Antonio Manganelli).
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