Art Director

Giuseppe Leone

Giuseppe Leone was born in 1948 in Buonalbergo, province of Benevento, and here he retired a few years ago, creating a sort of studio assiduously frequented by artists, writers, men of thought and art lovers. He has been working in the art world for about 50 years, articulating his commitment between creative and didactic passion, having been the holder of the chair of techniques and technology of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, Catanzaro, Lecce, Sassari and Carrara. Member of the Academic Senate from 2006 to 2008. Over the years Leone has exhibited his works on several occasions throughout Italy. The most qualified national criticism has been interested in Leone’s work as can be read in the volume “Oro Petrolio Alchimia” (Gold Oil Alchemy) published by Denaro Books ; it can be said that he is among the most followed and appreciated artists, managing to create a fruitful and positive dialogue also with the most refractory critics. Constant study and continuous artistic research led Leone to be present in the book “Il disegno” (the drawing ) by Marco Bussagli, published by Electa Mondadori, translated into several languages, and in other important publications, such as “Ritratti”, (Portraits); “L’Unità: Mito e storia” ( the Unit:Myth and history); “l’eco dell’ombra” (the echo of shadow), “Oro Petrolio Alchimia” (Gold Oil Alchemy ), and in the catalog “Arte come comunicazione di vita” (Art as life communication) by the publisher Franco Maria Ricci. Over the years Leone has received many technical and scientific assignments as a member of the technical scientific Committee for Cultural Heritage for the National Order of Biologists (the biologist in art). In 1998 he was a member of the technical scientific Committee for the Campania Region within the regional multimedia center for the enhancement of territorial cultural resources for the promotion of the development of the Minor Arts. From 2004 to 2007 he was Ambassador of Culture for the Province of Benevento. For ten years he has been the Art Director of Vinarte, review as part of the Vinalia wine event. For the weekly il DENARO he cares the column created by himself “L’occhio di Leone ” (Leones’s eye).
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