Exibition's Curator

Francesca Esposito

I have been dealing with events and weddings for 13 years. I am a mother persuaded that living in an ethical respectful and sustainable way can guarantee us and promote at the same time a better quality of life, not only for ourselves, but also for the others, and above all for our children, for whom it is essential to be a concrete example.

I believe that life should be lived freely, without inhibitions, and abandoning oneself to what it offers us in good or bad.

You have to live and not to survive. 

We must learn to observe with new disillusioned and enchanting eyes, like the children do, we must make everything as simple as possible in its complexity.

I am a resilient person and I am convinced that there are millions of opportunities for each of us, it would just be enough to change point of view, to look at the things from another perspective, because it often turns out to be the most effective method to solve every problem.

Listening is perceiving the others, the ability or perhaps a rare sensitivity that undoubtedly manages to transform those around us and ourselves, because listening to the others also means, after all, listening to ourselves.

One of the cornerstones of my life is that every human being should feel gratified in his life, work and aspirations, because it is a right of everyone , not a privilege for a few.

I consider nature as home, inspiration and a continuous exaltation of simplicity and essentiality at the same time.

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